Posted by toosquare on February 11, 2014

Well I got tired of all the hacking of Wordpress and Joomla.  I am in the process of moving my site over.  Kinda bare right now.  Will add more each day until its fully stocked again.

My wife and I run Box Of Sugar : Crafty?


I have been involved with computers since 1982. Commodore, none of that Atari trash (/wink).
I ran a BBS in the Tampa area from 1982-2000 or so.
I have worked in Higher Education for over 12 years.
I work in the community garden.
Wonderful beautiful wife.
3 Lovely kids.
I love technology and learning.
In my spare time for fun I write apps and take industry certifications.

In the past I ran a magazine, owned a coffee shop, opened various art galleries, and ran a theatre troupe.  Most of these were in conjunction with working full time.